Synoria KennedySynoria Kennedy grew up in Mobile, Alabama and attended the University of South Alabama where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2008. She has worked in the legal profession for 22 years and is currently head of the Medical Records Division at the Mobile office of Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys.

Synoria is an integral part of the team at Citrin law firm. Our clients have been injured and often need immediate financial support. Synoria obtains thousands of medical records quickly and efficiently, which enables our attorneys and paralegals to resolve their cases in a timely manner.

In her free time, Synoria likes to read, fish and spend quality time with her family. She enjoys working in a service oriented profession.

“I appreciate the opportunity to help people get the financial and medical assistance they need to improve their quality of life after a traumatic experience.  Helping others is what motivates me each day; in addition to, working with others that share the same sentiment.”