A natural disaster can happen in the blink of an eye. It’s imperative for homeowners to know the extent of their insurance coverage. Will your insurance policy cover full replacement costs? If your house was destroyed by a tornado, would you have enough money to rebuild it? It depends on whether you have law and ordinance coverage.

A general homeowners’ insurance policy will pay the cost to rebuild your home to its original standards. In other words, if you took a picture of your home seconds before a disaster struck, that is the condition that the insurance company has to restore it to. However, the building ordinances and codes may have changed since your home was constructed. Law and ordinance coverage, sometimes referred to as ordinance or law coverage, will pay for the increased costs necessary to make sure that your home complies with  an ordinance, regulating the construction, repair or demolition of the covered property.

Alabama homeowners need to be aware of Law and Ordinance Coverage and whether or not their policy contains this type of coverage. If you have any questions regarding your homeowners’ insurance policy, contact the Citrin Law Firm today.

Depending on your coverage your insurance policy may cover:

  • The cost to demolish and clear the area of undamaged parts of the property caused by building ordinances
  • The loss of value of the undamaged portion of your home
  • The cost to make sure that your home meets current zoning laws and ordinances.
  • Damage to real property, equipment and personal property
  • The costs of labor

The homeowners’ claims attorneys at Citrin Law Firm are available to assist individuals with their first party claims and addressing the extent of coverage within in their insurance policy. Citrin Law Firm is equipped to help homeowners with their claims regarding property damage, pollutant cleanup, increased costs of construction, replacement costs, personal property loss and demolition costs.

The Mobile-based law firm is dedicated to helping Alabama homeowners receive fair compensation from their insurance companies to repair the damages to their property.

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